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My paintings are about relationships between colors and light. I want to understand why color has the effect on our psyches that it does. I employ shifts of warm and cool tones within a limited palette, with subtle incremental changes that occur across the canvas. I generally employ a particular type of mark making and build layers over repetitive applications of that mark. Some of my paintings move from dark to light, gradually, in movements over a larger area that eventually transforms to one modulating field. This speaks to my belief in the power of incremental change.
I think I'm trying to make a space where you can slow down and notice subtle things, and notice other relationships and how incremental change multiplied can create dramatic change. I want to create a space in which, if someone wants to, they can quiet their mind and think about movement, growth, and change. Mostly what I want to create is something very interesting for eyeballs, it's more visual than anything, a visual experience.